Wednesday, 30 May 2012

Thirsk; a town in a different class*

Thirsk: in a class of its own
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Idly reading Thirsk's Wikipedia entry yesterday I was surprised to see that Thirsk market square was used as a location for one of the photos used in the Pulp album Different Class.

This was the album that included Common People and Disco 2000, and started Jarvis Cockers transformation into a national treasure. I dug out my copy of the CD, snapped a pic with my phone and tweeted it. Graham Denison replied to my tweet suggesting a couple of other Thirsk locations used on the album.

By this morning Thirsk Business Association had also chimed in.

I got out my camera and went for a look. Here's a map with the locations used flagged. Click on the pin to reveal the photo, and click the photo to view a larger size.

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*I nearly called this post "A Thirsk for knowledge" but decided against.


  1. I haven't thought of this for years. I know several of the then kids sat on the pavement in Hambleton.
    Only in Thirsk can you use Jarvis Cocker and James Herriot as claims to fame :)

  2. I didn't realise Thirsk was so rock 'n' roll Nicki. I loved that CD, and even though I was coming up here quite a lot back in 1995 I never made the connection. I knocked on the door of the house in Hambleton when I went to take the pic to see if the current residents remembered it, but there was no-one home.