Saturday, 4 June 2011

Five things that parent bloggers do better than me

It's a well known fact that parent bloggers are giving the internet a bad name. Well, it is since yesterday.

But some of them are also very good at what they do. Here are five things you can learn from the cream of the parent bloggers.
  1. They post regularly. Writing often helps you find a voice, allowing you to settle into a "house style." The expectation of regular new content also helps to build an audience for your blog.
  2. They're focussed. By regularly blogging around a theme or topic they make sure their readers know what to expect from them and make sure they regularly meet this expectation.
  3. They read and comment on other blogs covering similar topics to build awareness that they're there and help feed traffic to their own blogs by leaving links.
  4. They join the debate beyond the blog. By following readers on Twitter and other social networks they are part of their readers' online lives even when they're not blogging. This can lead to tip offs and ideas for future blogs. It also makes the blogger closer to becoming one of their reader's friends. This is good because we trust our friends. If I read your blog and think of you as my friend I'm much more likely to give credence to what you say.
  5. They use social media to help spread the word. They tweet and tweet again about the day's article and link to it on Facebook. They'll also spread the word about fellow bloggers' work. This can be a genuine endorsement of posts they've enjoyed or feel strongly about, but it also increases the likelihood that their own work will be retweeted and promoted by others.
How else have parent bloggers shown the way for the rest of us online?

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