Monday, 4 October 2010

In case of emergency...

LEGO Twitter Fail Whale, originally uploaded by tveskov.

This is a boiler plate blog post intended for use in case of emergency only. In the event of your followers on Twitter all disappearing then please refer to the notes below.

1) Don't panic. Twitter is flaky. It's a lot better at the moment than it has been, but now and then odd things happen. If your followers and following counts all drop to zero just shrug it off.

2) Check your timeline. Are you still seeing tweets from people you follow? Yes? Then they're still there, even if Twitter says they're not. And they can still see your tweets. The value in Twitter comes from the people you follow. Your followers are only there for your ego. As long as you can see incoming Tweets normal service will carry on.

3) Don't tweet about the Twittergeddon. The world isn't coming to an end. The back ups will kick into life and everything will soon be returned to normal.

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