Thursday, 23 April 2009

Fliggo's multiple personality disorder

My FdA Journalism students are doing a video journalism assignment. I've set up a private room on Fliggo for them to upload their finished pieces to.

This afternoon there were several students on the site and as they clicked onto a new page their identities would change. Even though they were individually logged onto the college network Fliggo couldn't work out who was on which PC and returned random identities to the students.

This was a bizarre and frustrating for the learners. I've emailed the college IT team about to see if they can sort it out, but I wonder if anyone here has any ideas?

UPDATE: Chrys Bader from Fliggo responded to my tweet very quickly - he suggests the issue might be caused by "proxy caching" on the college network, which gives me something to offer to the IT dept. A great response from Fliggo which I'm really pleased with.

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